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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is to offer the most up-to-date and effective hockey instruction available. By utilizing advanced methodologies and experienced educators, The Christensen Hockey Schools create a learning environment that virtually guarantees a player’s progress. Innovative approaches and proven teaching techniques along with the basic hockey fundamentals, are the basis for learning at this progressive hockey school. 


The Christensen Hockey School takes pride in knowing that we are one of the most innovative instructional hockey schools in North America. While major emphasis is put on skating instruction, the same attention is also given to the other fundamental skill areas. Through a unique and successful program of planned teaching progressions, each student will be taught the techniques and basics of puck control, passing and receiving, shooting and checking.


A very unique teaching aid incorporated by Christensen Hockey Schools is the use of instant replay video cameras. Each student is filmed on the ice daily and receives immediate feedback and assessment through daily classroom analysis of his skill areas. Our staff then works with each student during his on ice sessions correcting and improving individual skills. Planned Teaching Progressions are used for each on- ice session


To enhance each player’s on-ice development, we offer one of the most advanced off-ice instructional programs available. Coaches will put the individual players through a battery of tests that will assess the fitness level of each athlete. Our staff will then make recommendations to improve each player’s performance. Students are introduced and instructed in all areas of aerobic and anaerobic conditioning strength and power training, as well as flexibility and agility programs. Fitness testing assists our instructors in determining each individual player’s conditioning needs.


We feel that it is very important that all players learn how to “Check” PROPERLY! So many players feel that the objective is to knock the opponent to the ice, when in fact the purpose of checking is to separate the man from the puck or eliminate open players from the offense without being called for interference. This is accomplished by learning how to take the proper angles to the opponent, body position, and how to make contact. As well, each player will learn how to receive a check properly so he does not get hurt and so he can get back into the play quickly. The Christensen Hockey Schools utilizes a number of drills to accomplish this goal.